Lorraine Forrest-Turner

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Don’t you just hate ‘about us’ pages? Marginally bearable in the third person, they sound pompous and patronising in the first. “Hey! Look at me! I’m a writer. And a trainer. And I’m wonderful!” Better to make your own mind up by reading my blog posts. But, for the skim reader, here’s Me In 250 Words.


Fundamentally, I’m a writer. I write a lot of training courses, the odd play, some short stories and blog posts and tons of business copy for websites, internal and external communications, newsletters, media relations, digital marketing and good old advertising.


I deliver writing and communications skills training directly to clients and via a number of training providers, including Big Fish Training, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the PRCA.

Personal bits

In case this sort of stuff interests you, I’m Scottish, I spent the first 20 years of my life in Aberdeen then left just when it was getting interesting – when the the oil men moved in.

I originally trained in audiology and worked with deaf and hard-of-hearing patients at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Some years later, I left the NHS and moved to Maidenhead to study performance arts at Redroofs Theatre School.

When the mortgage and kids arrived, I gave up the idea of being an actress and trained as a journalist and copywriter before going into marketing and public relations.

Always the drama queen, I still write (and sometimes perform in) stage plays. Several of my plays are published by Samuel French and Lazy Bee Scripts.

Home is Marlow in Bucks where I live with my husband Andy Barrett (a very talented musician, singer/songwriter and copywriter) and, occasionally, one or both of our offspring.

If you want to know more, drop me a line, give me a call or let me know if you’re passing.

Lorraine is a trainer for the PRCA
Lorraine is a trainer for the PRCA
Lorraine is a member of the Professional Copywriters' Network
Lorraine is a trainer for Big Fish Training