Lorraine Forrest-Turner

Writing for online audiences

With online communications now dominating marcoms, you need to be as adept at writing content for websites, intranets, emailers, blogs, ezines and social media as you are at writing press releases and features for print. This writing for the web training course shows you the differences between writing for online and writing for other channels. Using a mix of research, examples, discussions and exercise, you’ll learn what works, what doesn’t and how to create your own compelling content.

How will I benefit?

You’ll understand the complexities of online communications, how they differ from other communication tools and why you need to adapt your writing to suit. You’ll learn how to write for two very different audiences – humans and machines – and how to tailor your writing so that both respond more favourably to your content. You’ll discover how to create engaging content that audiences not only respond to but also share with others. And you’ll improve your general writing skills.

What will I learn?

How and why people use online media

The differences between writing for digital media and writing for other channels

How to make your online writing SCO – scannable, concise and objective

Why you need to write for two audiences – humans and machines

How to structure various online communications, including web pages, blog posts, news stories, and social media posts

What content marketing is and how to make the most of it

How to optimise a press release for online use

What Search Engine Optimisation is and how to do it

How to create engaging social media content

Who should attend?

This course is for writers new to writing for online audiences or for anyone wanting to improve their online writing skills. No previous experience of online writing is necessary.

What else do I need to know?

You will be doing online research and writing a number of different communications during this course so you should bring with you a laptop or tablet with access to the internet.

How do I book?

Fill in this form, send me an email or call me on 01628 481947.

Lorraine is a trainer for the PRCA
Lorraine is a trainer for the PRCA
Lorraine is a member of the Professional Copywriters' Network
Lorraine is a trainer for Big Fish Training