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The ultimate guide to perfect punctuation

13 Sep / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner

When can you use a semi-colon? Why are there three different kinds of dashes? Is it called a “slash” or a “solidus?” Are apostrophes and single quotations the same thing?

I’m very grateful to Chris at WebpageFX for sending me The Copywriter’s Guide to Perfect Punctuation.

The infographic answers all of the above questions (and more) in detail.

It’s an excellent resource to guide your punctuation needs, but it’s by no means definitive, and you can find sources that dispute certain parts of it.

But for the purposes of the everyday writer — especially copywriters — this infographic will help you express yourself more sensibly and clearly than if you were just winging it.

Also, it has a synopsis of Romeo and Juliet because why wouldn’t we do that for an infographic about grammar?


The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Punctuation Infographic
Created by WebpageFX

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Lorraine is a trainer for the PRCA
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