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Stop writing clichés

7 ways to stop writing the obvious – or how to replace clichés with sincerity

11 Oct / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 2 comments /

It’s impossible for copywriters to avoid clichés and stock phrases altogether, especially when writing short copy. But we should at least challenge ourselves to be original and sincere when we can. Tempted to call that event a “great day out with something for all the family”? Itching to ask people to “simply” phone or email?

5 steps to writing an article on any subject

22 Jun / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

Andy Barrett shows how to put your personal interests aside and write an informative and engaging article on (just about) anything. Ever been asked to write an article on a subject that didn’t particularly inspire you? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Most articles are written by people with no personal interest in that topic. But

Use quotes wisely

How to stop writing bland quotes in press releases

26 Jan / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

If you find yourself writing the words “We’re delighted/proud/passionate” in quotes, delete them. Journalists don’t give two hoots about how pleased you or your clients are. All they want to know is what you’re doing to please or support their readers. We are not delighted “We’re delighted…” is the most commonly used quote in press

12 words with original meanings that might surprise you

30 Nov / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

Ever wondered what the ‘tide’ in ‘yuletide’ means? Do you know the literal meaning of the word ‘conspire’? Over time, meanings of words change with popular use. Here are 12 words with surprising original or literal meanings.

Why the best proofreaders aren’t always the best writers

20 Apr / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 4 comments /

There’s a big difference between drafting and editing, and editing and proofreading. Why then do so many writers try to do all three at the same time? If you’re the kind of writer who plans their work meticulously, knows exactly what they want to say and can bash out a first draft in moments, you

How to stop using words journalists hate in your press releases

16 Mar / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

If you refer to your latest product launch as ‘pioneering’, ‘ground-breaking’, ‘innovative’ or ‘state-of-the-art’, you not only irritate journalists you also reduce your chances of getting decent coverage. How then do you swap the fluff for the facts? Journalists are busy people. They receive hundreds of unsolicited press releases and sell-ins every day. They don’t

SEO copywriting: how to use keywords effectively

17 Nov / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 9 comments /

It’s well established that SEO copywriting is about creating useful content for humans with the right keywords for search engines. But with around 200 factors determining how high a website is ranked in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you also need to know where and how to use those keywords. Let’s deal with the

How to write great website home page copy

14 Sep / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

The home page is, arguably, the most important page of any website. So why do so many get it horribly wrong? I say ‘arguably’ because not all website visitors will land on the home page. Depending on what they’ve searched for or clicked on, they might land on the contact page or a specific landing

How to write newsletters people actually want to read

22 Aug / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

Whether in their printed or email form, newsletters are still one of the most flexible communications tools. In one hit, you can reach a vast number of people, raise awareness of a wide range of subjects and deliver a number of key messages in an interesting and cost-effective format. But… there’s always a ‘but’. They need

The the 5 most common proofreading mistakes

28 Jul / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

If you didn’t spot the ‘double the’ in the subject line, don’t beat yourself up. You’re in good company. Very few people spot a ‘double the’. In fact, very few people are good at spotting most of the common proofreading mistakes, particularly in their own writing. Not wired for proofreading The human brain isn’t geared

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Lorraine is a trainer for the PRCA
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