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Tips for pitching on phone

Tips for pitching and presenting by phone

07 Jan / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

Pitching by phone isn’t easy. Listeners are easily distracted, confused or bored so your words and voice have to work extra hard. Here are ten tips to help you pitch and present on the phone more effectively. 1. Make up the missing 55% In face-to-face communication, 55% of the message is derived from body language

Use quotes wisely

How to stop writing bland quotes in press releases

26 Jan / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

If you find yourself writing the words “We’re delighted/proud/passionate” in quotes, delete them. Journalists don’t give two hoots about how pleased you or your clients are. All they want to know is what you’re doing to please or support their readers. We are not delighted “We’re delighted…” is the most commonly used quote in press

7 time management tips that have little to do with managing time

17 Feb / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 2 comments /

When everything in your life is screaming “I NEED ATTENTION NOW!”, no time management tool, mobile app, project management system, wall planner, organiser or ‘to do’ list is going to help. What you need is a reality check. I used to have a boss whose only answer to my workload problems was “work smarter”. I

How to present a winning pitch

21 Oct / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

You’ve interrogated the brief, developed the strategy and created a stonking proposal. How do you ensure you don’t blow everything by delivering the world’s dullest pitch presentation? While you’re unlikely to win new business with a poor proposal, you’re very likely to lose it with a poor presentation. So before you go in with your

Is body language all it’s cracked up to be?

17 Mar / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

If you’re a fan of the US TV show ‘Lie to me’, love the observations of Sherlock and can generally suss out pretty rapidly who to avoid at parties, you’re probably into non-verbal communication, or body language. But is there any truth to it? Is ‘reading’ eye contact, facial expressions and gesturing as reliable as

Is our obsession with labels a dangerous habit?

13 Nov / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

Should we really be using the same terminology to describe a man locked up without trial for 13 years and an actor playing a fictitious spy? A few weeks ago, the mass media reported that Shaker Aamer, the last British resident to be released from Guantanamo Bay, was suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Today,

To leave or not to leave, that is not the question

18 Sep / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

The announcement a few weeks ago that David Cameron was forced to rewrite the EU referendum question (after the Electoral Commission ruled it too biased) made me think about how we ask questions generally in our daily lives. When we’re after some information from someone, or want someone to do something for us, are we

10 headlines we just can’t resist – even when we know we’re being duped

11 Jun / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 1 comments /

(Or how to write successful clickbait) The video David Cameron didn’t want you to see. Five so called health foods you should never eat. What people really mean when they say nice things. This dad gave his 2 year old son a pair of scissors: you won’t believe what happened next. They’re everywhere. Those ‘less

How to stop writing clichés and start writing truths

13 Aug / by: Lorraine Forrest-Turner / 0 comments /

At the end of the day, what’s wrong with clichés? Why do critics squirm when they read about companies going from strength to strength? Why do editors put red pens through state of the art showrooms? And, more to the point, how do we avoid writing them? Clichés are victims of their own success. The

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