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Copywriting services


Copywriting services cover a whole load of different business needs. If you don’t see the one you’re after listed below, please get in touch. I might be calling it something different.

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Editing and proofreading services

Every good writer will tell you there’s a big difference between drafting and editing, and between editing and proofreading. If you care about your image and objectives, don’t expect perfection on the first (second or third) draft. And never proofread your own writing.

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Copywriting for websites and SEO

Online writing isn’t just different to writing for print; it’s different to writing for every other medium. Good website and SEO copy incorporates the right keywords (in the right places) and recognises that it has to appeal to two very different audiences – humans and machines. In that order.

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Copywriting for blog posts

Too many blog posts are self-indulgent promotion or over-emotional rants. For blogging to have a positive effect on your business, your content needs to be well researched, well written and well executed.

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Copywriting for PR and press releases

The average journalist receives around 200 unsolicited press releases a day – the vast majority of which are deleted without even being read. Success depends on knowing what makes a good story and how to write it up in a way that the media can’t resist.

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Copywriting for features and articles

To keep a reader engaged from start to finish, long copy for features and articles not only needs to have compelling content, it needs to be written in the right structure and the right style.

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Copywriting for newsletters and emailers

It’s not enough to produce newsletters and emailers that simply inform your audiences what you’ve been doing, you need to make your stories as gripping as those they choose to read for themselves. Done well, newsletters attract interest, build loyalty and generate sales leads.

Show me how to    make my newsletter compelling

Copywriting for sales and marketing

Never underestimate your target audience. Gone are the days when phrases such as “don’t take our word for it” and “why wait any longer” had us reaching for our credit cards. Today’s customers want honesty, credibility and tangible benefits.

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Copywriting for internal communications

Those well crafted mission statements might have impressed the board but if you try to play down bad news or dress up poor results, your employees will know. Internal communications copy calls for forethought and sensitivity. This is one audience you can’t fool with clichés.

Show me how to    engage with employees

Copywriting for tone of voice and style guides

Who you are, what you stand for and how you communicate those messages has far less to do with what you say and much more to do with how you express it. An organisational style guide will help create a consistent tone of voice that reflects its personality and principles.

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Copywriting for speeches

It takes real skill to put words into someone else’s mouth and make them sound real. It takes even more skill to make a whole bunch of people listen to those words, act on them and remember them weeks, months and years later.

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Lorraine is a trainer for the PRCA
Lorraine is a trainer for the PRCA
Lorraine is a member of the Professional Copywriters' Network
Lorraine is a trainer for Big Fish Training